Residential & Commercial Civil Engineering Solutions headquartered in Olympia, WA.

Iris Group is an innovative and recognized Civil Engineering firm dedicated to building a better world through intelligent design and affordable solutions. Inspired by the beautiful region that we serve, our work aims to create a healthier, better built, and more sustainable future for the Pacific Northwest. We do this by collaborating with developers, homeowners, business owners, contractors, and municipalities on projects, both big and small, in any jurisdiction.  

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We know permitting and entitlements can be a complicated business, so we advocate for you and your project to keep  work on time and on budget. We are not afraid to ask the tough questions, suggest new ideas, or go to someone’s office to get a direct answer; our main goal is the success of your project. Our team has a wealth of experience working across the Northwestern states, including Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and California. This provides us with a unique understanding of diverse permitting environments and requirements,  invaluable knowledge when navigating a project that crosses several municipalities.

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Meet Our Founder, Principal Engineer, Nicholas Taylor

Principal Engineer and Iris Group founder Nicholas Taylor, PE LEED AP, is a United States Air Force Academy graduate and Disabled American Veteran. Nick founded the Iris Group after working with and learning from large engineering firms. He now works with a small, flexible team of experienced professionals to provide responsive and responsible civil engineering and consulting services at a reasonable cost. His Clients know him to represent integrity, unequaled service, and excellence.